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Over the past 9 years we have hosted some of the best youth football events in the Midwest. Teams from all over the Midwest have traveled to St. Louis to participate in our events. In the past we have been known for our preseason tournament as well as our post-season tournament. This year we will be adding to more events to the Midwest Gridiron Classic. We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in an event that fits their needs and competition level.



We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the 1st Annual Gridiron Prep Invitational August 27-28. The Gridiron Prep Invitational is for teams that are seeking to compete against the top teams in their region. This event will feature some of the top teams from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Nebraska. All teams need to fill out our team questionnaire in order to be selected. The Gridiron Prep will select 8 teams per age division depending on the number of teams that qualify. The ages for this event will be 8U-14U (3rd grade-8th grade) This invitational will be setup tournament style. For more information about the Gridiron Prep Invitational please visit our Events page.


This year we are bringing our Ultimate Jamboree back. This year we will host our Ultimate Jamboree August 28.The purpose of our Jamboree is for coaches and players to test their skills against teams they will not face during the regular season. Each team will be given two 50 minutes scrimmages on the same day against an opposing team. The ball will be placed on the 40 yard line and you will be given 25 minutes on offense and 25 minutes on defense. For more information about the Ultimate Jamboree please visit our Events page.


We are back for the 8th annual Preseason Holiday Bowl September 3-5.This has been a very successful event. Over the last 7 years we have teams from all over the Midwest participate in the Preseason Holiday Bowl. Over the past 7 years we have set the bar high for Preseason Football Tournaments. Here is how it works. Each team will be guaranteed 2 games against a team similar to their weight and age. If you are looking for a good tournament to prepare you for your regular season, the Preseason Holiday Bowl is the place to be. 


We are pleased to announce that The National Midwest Gridiron Classic is back for the 9th straight year. November 25-27 in St. Louis, MO.  The National Midwest Gridiron Classic is not just a football tournament. It is an opportunity to bond with your love ones. The National Midwest Gridiron Classic is about bringing your team, coaches, parents, and supporters to St. Louis for some of the best youth football you will ever see. Participating teams are guaranteed 2 games. Come to St. Louis and compete against teams you have never heard of. Win or lose, you will have a memorable experience in St. Louis.