Rules, Age, and Weight



Guidelines adapted for 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10-year-old levels

6 & 7 year-old levels

A.  Two coaches will be allowed on the field.

B.  Coaching must stop when the quarterback starts his cadence (Penalty is 5-yard)

C.  All interior  defensive linemen must be in a three or four point stance.

D. Maximum of six (6) players on the defensive line.

E. The ready for play clock will be 40 seconds.

F. A striper on the end of the offensive line will result in a (five) 5 yard penalty.

8, 9 & 10 year old levels

A. Two coaches will be allowed on the field.

B.  Coaches  must  stop  coaching  when  the  quarterback starts his cadence.

*A 5-yard penalty will be accrued.

C.  All interior defensive linemen must be in a three (3)

or four (4) point stance.

Ball must be kicked with in 45 seconds of the snap.

D. A striper on the end of the offensive line will result in a (five) 5-yard penalty.

E.  Maximum of six (6) players on the defensive line.


a) There will not be any kick-offs for the 6u, 7u, 8u, 9u, 10u, and 11u, and 12u 

b) Play will begin at the 35 yard line.

c) There will not be any punting for the 6u, 7u, 8u, 9u, 10u and 11u, age/weight groups.

d) Punts will be marked off 20 yards when a team declares they are punting.

e) Teams will not be allowed to declare a punt if they are inside the opposing teams 30 yard line.

f) Punting will be live for the 12u and 13u divisions.

g) All age groups can attempt extra pionts (Run, Pass or Kick)

h) 6u, 7u, 8u, 9u,10u, - No rushing when kicking an extra piont

i) These special teams rules are enforced for the safety of the kids and to give the kids more actual game playing time.

Please remember we do not live in a perfect world and there will be unanticipated situations that arise. We will deal with them in the most effective way we can. Always remember, this for and about the kids. 


We strictly enforce our weight and age restrictions.

1. Maximum of 35 players (at final certification).

2. Minimum of 15 players (at final certification).

3. There will be no roster changes after your Original Team


4. All players must be checked in/weighed in no later than 2 hours before 1st scheduled game.

5. The “age” of a player is determined by the age on

August 1, 2019. The only exception to this date is for

A player at 11u or 12u must show proof of grade with a current report card presented at weigh-ins if using this exception rule. All teams in all divisions may be eligible for a player waiver if the said player born in july, they have been with your team/league all season & you don’t have a team in above division they could play on (1 per team). Call to see if you meet criteria.

6. All players must be in 8th grade or below in 2019/2020

school year.

7.  All players must be 14 years old or younger to participate in the Midwest Gridiron Grind Classic events.

8. Players are only allowed to play in one age group during the tournament and must be listed on the official team roster.


We strive to provide teams of all ages the opportunity to participate in post-season play against similar age/weight teams. Specifically as to weights, teams are seeded into divisions based on the weight of their lightest player, heaviest player, and the average weight of all players. This helps assure fair match-ups in divisions.

A. Every player will be checked for their division bracelet by the opposing coaches 5 minutes prior to each game in the end zones. The coach or team mom must have all registration paperwork present and available at each game.

B.  If a player does not have the proper bracelet he cannot play in the game.

C.  Any  player  can  punt  or  kick  the  ball,  but  may  not advance it if he is restricted by a stripe.

D. Any player exceeding the weight for their age group will be restricted from running the ball.

E. On offense, a “non-striper” must cover a “striper” on both ends of the formation, and the “non-striper” must be lined up on the line of scrimmage.

F.  Below  are  the  weight  limits  by  age  group  (for  ball

Carriers). The weights are without equipment.

H. The National Midwest Gridiron Classic Staff must have access to each teams team book. An Original Birth Certificate, State ID or league ID with Photo (taken with in the last year) of the player attached to the contract must be present before he/she may participate. 

I.   Intent to protest must be given to the Head Official and/or Field Coordinators before halftime. Only protest involving a rule interpretation may be considered. The head official and field coordinators will be the final word. The decision will be rendered at that time, before the game is to be continued. Once the game has been completed all protest are voided.

J. Teams using Ineligible players will be dismissed from the tournament immediately and will be banned for life from participating in any events associated with The National Midwest Gridiron Classic.

I. Spot checks of players will be done by the Tournament Directors. Any team found falsifying birth certificates or attempting to play ineligible players will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and no refunds will be given.

6 YEAR OLD               65lbs

7 YEAR OLD               85 lbs.

8 YEAR OLD               100 lbs.

9 YEAR OLD               115 lbs.

10 YEAR OLD             125 lbs.

11YEAR OLD              Unlimited

12 YEARS OLD           Unlimited

13/14 YEARS OLD      Unlimited


 A. Game Times for all games are as follows:

4 (10) minute quarters. Running clock. Clock stops the last 2 minute of the half. Regular football rules.

Half time:  Five (3) minutes + three (2) warm up minutes

B. Continuous clock: Starts at 18-point differential in the second half. The rest of the rule is the same as high school.

C. Extra Point: Two point (2) for a successful kick.  One point (1) for a successful run or pass.

D. Tie Breaker: Each team gets four downs starting at the ten-yard line. Your series ends if you score, fumble and the other team recovers, or you throw an interception. An extra point try should follow a touchdown.  Field goal attempts are part of the tiebreaker. This process will continue until one team wins.  Each team shall be permitted one additional  timeout  during  each  overtime  period,  plus  any unused second half regulation game time outs.

E.   Violations  of  these  rules  will  be  an  unsportsmanlike  conduct penalty, unless otherwise stated in these rules.

F.   The next scheduled game players may line up in the end zone with 5 minutes remaining in previous game for an I.D. card check.

G.  Each Team will receive 2 timeouts per half.

H. Each home team will need to provide a chain gang for each of their games. This must consist of three people. Please have it in place so games can run on time.